Sometimes life brings us frustrations…and as often as not they seem to come in the guise of internet problems. Although I still remember “the old days” before we were all hooked-up, linked-in, and inter-connected through media sites, Twitter feeds, and Google circles, I really wouldn’t want to go back to those days.

So many things have become so much easier thanks to technology. When I met with an unfortunate calamity on Interstate 49 recently and blew out the left front tire of my car, I had only to whip out my “smart phone”, and a few clicks later my husband was on his way to rescue me.

Now, did you see what I just did?

I’d taken a picture of my ruined tire and had it on my phone. So, just now, I clicked, shared, sent the photo to my e-mail account, they downloaded it to my computer, uploaded it to Word Press, and voila!  You can now see it, too.

Being stranded two miles outside of town on the interstate is not fun.

Yes, technology is wonderful. As long as it works. Unfortunately, for me, it hasn’t been working very well for the last week.

I’ve struggled to stay online, fought to add new posts to the blogs I’m keeping, and barely managed to keep up with email.  It got so bad, it took me one hour on Wednesday morning to send a single email through my AOL account. And then, wouldn’t you know, I got a nasty “Mailer Daemon” message. I was truly ready to pull out my hair.  Worse still, while dealing with my online frustrations, I failed to check my blog appearance schedule and missed a guest spot on fellow author Isobelle Cate’s blog. I felt awful about it! Luckily, she forgave me for missing my deadline and quickly rescheduled me for a spot later this month.

Now, suddenly, the problem seems to have disappeared as quickly as it came.  I have no idea why. Nothing’s changed, but then, nothing had changed when everything suddenly screwed up. Sometimes I wish I knew more about the internet and connectivity issues, but maybe it’s better that I don’t. A little ignorance is probably a good thing, otherwise I’d be too apt to start tinkering around and messing where I shouldn’t go messing.  Remember that line? No, you probably don’t. It’s an old one from an old song lyric.

These Boots Are Made For Walking”

Now, I suppose it’s time for me to start doing a little walking of my own this morning. Out for a quick stroll, then home again to my little writing room to get busy on my stories.

Thanks for dropping by to visit!  See you again…real soon.

Yep, saw this link and grabbed it. I’m one of the many Yahoo Mail users who is still very frustrated after the switch. I’m muttering bad words under my breath every time I check my inbox.


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