Monthly Archives: September, 2013

“Matinee Tour” for Summertime

There are many wise sayings about journeys and the importance of taking that first step. I won’t repeat any of them here. I’ll only say that today I’m taking an important “first step” as I prepare for my upcoming “Matinee Tour” with BTS Virtual Tour. I’ve never done a “virtual blog tour” before and TJ, …

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Celebrating Today!

Please join me in a little celebration today. On Saturday, I submitted “Not the Marrying Kind” to Secret Cravings Publishing, and I’ve received my acceptance and contract this morning. The release date is scheduled for January 2014. Today, I’m doing the “happy dance” and inviting others to celebrate with me. As part of the fun, …

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The Wrong Woman

I’ve just received word from Sweet Cravings Publishing that The Wrong Woman is scheduled for release on October 18…but, it might be moved up closer to the beginning of the month. The edits on the story were completed last week, so I’m guessing it has probably gone to the proofreader. If not, it will be sent …

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