Thank You from Reach Out and Read

From Christina: I’d like to thank those readers who stopped by last week to comment and show their support for early childhood literacy. Today, I have made the first of what will be a recurring monthly donation as a Reach Out and Read “Book Buddy”. Based on the support from readers, I have included an additional $5.00 (one dollar for each comment) to be used for the Reach Out and Read Book Drive.
Below is the “thank you” confirmation I received:
Thank you for your generous gift to Reach Out and Read.

Your gift makes a real difference, by helping us to put books in the hands and homes of children growing up without them. With your support, Reach Out and Read prepares children for success in reading and in school.

Reach Out and Read currently serves 3.9 million children annually at more than 4,500 hospitals, health centers, and clinics across the country. Your generosity enables Reach Out and Read to provide children with brand new books, and parents with important literacy guidance so they can help their children enter school ready to read and learn.

With the help of our dedicated supporters, Reach Out and Read will continue to work towards our goal of making books part of a healthy childhood for all children.

We are very grateful for your support.


Earle Martin Phalen, Chief Executive Officer

Perri Klass, M.D., National Medical Director


Reach Out and Read



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