Thank You, Amanda Ward

From Christina: I want to thank Amanda for visiting this week at Seasons of Love. She and I have often chatted online, and her quirky sense of humor is always entertaining. 

Amanda says:

Before I disappear off into the madness of Pann’s world to write more MisAdventures. I would just like to thank Christina for hosting me this week, and of course you the readers for visiting, commenting and entering my competition. I am really proud to be published with a company who know that readers have different reading needs and are committed to providing quality material for them. I raise a mug of steaming tea and have a wonderful 2014. With love from Blighty Manda xxxxx

Amanda’s giveaway has now ended. She will be contacting the winner later to arrange for prize delivery. 

AmandaAbout Amanda

Quiche loving, notebook collecting, historical anorak and avid reader.  Amanda lives in Bedfordshire, England with her husband, three children and two mad moggies.  Her bookcases are lined with romance novels and historical tomes.  She can rattle off facts on the Royal Families of Europe, and then change the subject to musicals, how amazing a cup of tea and biscuits are and the latest gossip.  Amanda shares her husband’s love of sci-fi and is an avid Dr Who fan, whilst still maintaining her love of The Waltons, Gilmore Girls and period dramas.  

Readers can contact Amanda through social media at the following links:

Amanda J Ward – Romance Author

Facebook – Amanda AJ Ward


Twitter @ Augustmum

Amanda’s books are available at Amazon and other on-line booksellers. The Misadventures of Pann Haggerty is also available in paperback and can be ordered through your favorite bookstore. For more information on purchasing Amanda’s books, please visit her website.



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