Will Love Cast its Spell?


by Angela K Roe

My Favorite Things

Rumor has it Harmony Hollister is a witch and the shop she owns, My Favorite Things, is nothing more than a front for her to sell her potions. Instead of fighting innuendo, Harmony displays her line of skin care products and uses the rumors as a unique advertising opportunity.

 When journalist, Mason Westbrook hears about the so-called witch, he heads to Walkers Ridge, Montana with one goal in mind: expose the woman as a con artist.

 Sparks fly as soon as Harmony and Mason meet. Those flames grow hotter every time they clash. Will rumor and innuendo keep them apart or will love cast a spell that ensnares their hearts?

* * * *

Tomorrow, Angela returns to talk about cowboys…and why we love them. Be sure to stop by then. 

Have you entered her giveaway? You could win a signed copy of one of her Walkers Ridge romances.


Angela’s Giveaway – Walkers Ridge Romances

And now, for another “snippet”…

“…her shop is full of things made from spells and potions.”.”



  1. Sounds like a story I’d enjoy!

  2. It does sound fun, doesn’t it!

  3. I love cowboys. Always have. I love to read a good cowboy love story. Thank you for writing such great books.

    • I love cowboys, too, and it’s a pleasure to have Angela as my guest this week. So glad you dropped by the blog. 🙂

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