Cowboy Charm by Angela K Roe

From Christina: It’s no secret that women love westerns…or, at least, they sure love the men who rope, ride, and wrangle. Cowboys. Yep. Today, Angela tells us why she’s so fond of these handsome heroes.

Cowboy Charm

By Angela K Roe

roper-mens-black-plaid-ls-snap-cowboy-shirt I’ve never been able to resist a cowboy. All the women I know are taken by that hat, plaid shirt, jeans and boots. If those jeans are boasting a big…belt buckle…what did you think I was going to say??…it’s even better.

For me, the attraction is the diverse personality traits. On one hand, cowboys are tough as nails. It’s physically demanding to work livestock, run a ranch, or compete in rodeos. It’s trading 8-5 for late nights and early mornings, driving a truck, and working the land in all kinds of weather. 

 On the other hand, it’s the care and compassion that’s innate in a cowboy’s nature. It takes time and a gentle hand to earn the trust of a unbroken horse so he’ll allow you to put a bit in his mouth, a bridle on his head and a saddle on his back. It takes knowledge and a watchful eye to know when livestock are sick and need medicine, injured and need care or are in danger and need protection. What woman doesn’t want a man to know her so well simply by watching her and recognizing her signs and signals?

Cowboys walk with a swagger that comes from the confidence of knowing their job and doing it well. They refuse to stop for injury or illness, fighting through pain from falls or kicks, to do what’s in their hearts.

Cowboys show a deep respect for women. They’re protective of women and children, tipping their hat in respect, holding open doors, and uttering that single word that tugs at our heartstrings. “Ma’am.” That word, uttered at the same moment the hat dips, and we women are goners.

 But don’t mistake manners for weakness. Cowboys know how to fight. They don’t look for trouble but they don’t back down from it, and the strength that allows them to rustle cattle and mend fences allows them to carry their own in any physical confrontation.

Cowboys are not whiners or complainers. In fact, they’re often quiet, likely from spending so much time alone with their animals. But when they do talk, their words are important and they mean what they say.

They know how to dance. Not the kind of dancing that makes a girl uncomfortable, but the kind of dancing where he’s holding you close, guiding you through the two-step and a country waltz. The kind of dance where he holds your hand in his, placed over his heart. The kind of dance where he’s looking at your eyes instead of your breasts or someone else’s backside. The kind of dance that makes your heart skip a beat and fall in love a little. Yeah, that kind of dance.

When you wrap all these traits up into a physically fit specimen of a man sporting a farmer’s tan and with hair that’s windswept, highlighted by nature and topped with a cowboy hat, how in the world could any woman resist?

 * * * * *

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  1. I can certainly see why cowboys are so attractive to so many women! I rather like them myself. 😉

  2. I agree, ladies. A cowboy gets my notice every time. 🙂

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