The Seduction of an Earl by Linda Rae Sande

Did you guess right? Our featured author this week is Linda Rae Sande who will be sharing one of her titles from the “Daughters of the Aristocracy” series.

The Seduction of an Earl

earl book cover.indd

A sensual tale of a farmer, his fairy princess, and man’s best friend. 


Linda says,

The third book in “The Daughters of the Aristocracy”, The Seduction of an Earl is a sensual tale of a farmer, his fairy princess, and man’s best friend. I set the story in Staffordshire in early 1816, the “year of no summer”, but I gave the hero a hint of what was to come weather-wise. Part of the story is how he addresses the impending crisis using his skills as an inventor.

When the issue of class separation prevents him from marrying his childhood sweetheart, a marriage of convenience allows him to keep her in his life as his mistress. (While some readers are turned off by the idea of the hero having a mistress, it was common for gentlemen of that time to employ one.) Here, the hero doesn’t think of her as anything but the love of his life – and neither does his new wife.

By marrying the heroine, though, he has to accept that she comes with a companion – a dog who could teach him a thing or two about women – if he would just pay attention. Men can be a bit dense when it comes to matters of the heart, and our hero is no exception.

As with all of my romances, there is a second couple – a lady’s maid and a stable boy – who have to overcome their own crisis in order to admit their love for one another.

Want to win a copy of The Seduction of an Earl? How about a complete set of  “The Daughters of the Aristocracy”? Click on the link below to enter. Linda is giving away lots of great prizes:

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To enter, you must leave a comment on any of Linda’s blog posts at Seasons of Love this week. You can also get more entries by tweeting about the giveaway each day, or by following Linda at Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook visitors, be sure to like Linda’s page for The Seduction of an Earl. All links and information are provided in the giveaway form.

Linda’s Fantastic Giveaway – Daughters of the Aristocracy

Giveaway is now open and will close at 6:00 AM (CST) on Sunday, February 9.

Good luck!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read more about The Seduction of an Earl and for more chances to enter the giveaway. Linda will be sharing the story with readers…and now, I’ll share another little “snippet” here to whet your appetite.

“I have never been kissed like that.”



  1. I am the world`s worst guesser. This book looks great, and that cover! Swoon-worthy!

  2. LOL…didn’t have a clue, did ya! Look at the picture again now that you know who she is. She’s grown up, but she hasn’t really changed. The book definitely sounds intriguing.

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