A Farmer, A Fairy Princess, and Man’s Best Friend


by Linda Rae Sande

earl book cover.inddHenry Forster has loved only one woman his entire life. Sarah, a farmer’s daughter, bore him a son when he was merely the nephew of the Earl of Gisborn. Despite Henry’s numerous proposals, Sarah has refused to marry him, claiming he must seek a wife suitable to his rank. Now that he’s inherited the earldom and needs a legitimate heir, he is determined to find a biddable wife but keep Sarah as his lover and his young son in his life.

Lady Hannah Slater believes men have no regard for their wives and only ever love their mistresses. Husbands, she thinks, are for fathering children. Her dog, Harold MacDuff, can provide protection, but she wants desperately to have a child. So when the Earl of Gisborn offers for her hand, she readily accepts, not realizing she might feel affection for the man.

It will take the antics and devotion of man’s best friend to teach Henry and Hannah that sometimes love is right in front of your nose in The Seduction of an Earl.

Tomorrow, Linda returns to talk about mistresses — a controversial issue for many romance readers. You won’t want to miss her post.

Meanwhile, today, you can enter her  giveaway for a chance to win:

Linda’s Fantastic Giveaway – Daughters of the Aristocracy

And now, for another “snippet”…

“This poor frog was in my sewing basket.”


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  1. Congrats on your newest book!! sounds like a great read!

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