Not the Marrying Kind by Christina Cole

Did you figure it out? Yes, folks, it’s moi. Due to a last-minute change in the schedule this week, I decided I’d sneak in and use this opening as an opportunity to share my new western historical romance.

The last thing Kat wanted was a husband.

The last thing Kat wanted was a husband…until Joshua Barron came along. He wanted her as a wife,  but not for himself.


I’ve always said I would never write a series. At the end of each story, I was always ready to move on to new characters, new settings, and new situations.

Of course, you’ve heard the old adage: Never say “never.”

After finishing Not the Marrying Kind, I got to work on another story, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I found my thoughts going back to Sunset, Colorado, back to the characters who’d come to life in Not the Marrying Kind. I loved every one of them, and I wasn’t ready to move on. And so, “The Sunset Series” was born, and I’m now happily at work on Keeping Faith, Book 2 of the series. It is scheduled for release later this year.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but Not the Marrying Kind gave me a special kind of pleasure. I’m excited to share it with readers.

Welcome to Sunset

Want to win a copy of one of Not the Marrying Kind? I’lll be giving away one ebook — Kindle or Nook — on Sunday morning. 

Entering is easy!

Christina’s Giveaway – Not the Marrying Kind

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read more about Not the Marrying Kind —  and for more chances to enter the giveaway. I’ll be sharing the story with readers…and now, I’ll share another little “snippet” to arouse your curiosity.

“She said she’ll shoot you if she ever sees you again.”


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