Girls and Sports by V L Locey

From Christina:  One of my daughters is a former athlete. She began playing basketball in a local youth league at the age of eight. She loved the sport, was soon recruited to play AAU ball, and ultimately went on to become a “most-valuable-player” for her high school team. She was scouted by several colleges, received a full-ride scholarship, and went on to play in several national tournaments, both at the player level, and as a player-coach.

Throughout her sports career, one thing was evident. She understood the concept of  teamwork. She knew the importance of working with others, of helping others, and of course, she learned a lot about persistence, perseverance, and the need for practice, practice, practice.

LizzieAs a student athlete, she was forced to learn a lot about time management, having to juggle frequent practices (often at 4 or 5 AM) with her class schedule and study times. It wasn’t easy. 

Now, she is a grown woman, a para-professional working with special needs children, and the skills, attitudes, and attributes she gained from sports are evident in all she does. 

Obviously, I’m a supporter of girls and sports activities. So is Vicki Locey, and I’m pleased to share her post today.


Girls and Sports

by Vicki Locey

 As I was beginning to lay out the plot for PINK PUCKS & POWER PLAYS, I knew I wanted to touch on an important subject. Sure, I love a spicy romance with a sassy woman falling for a hot hockey player, but I wanted a bit more. Something socially important that each leading lady and man in each book would contend with.  So I decided to have my leading man in this first book  meet his lady love while coaching a youth league during his summer off. Many pro athletes do this, and I cannot think of a better way for a star to pay it back. The time these players spend with our youth is paid back in healthy children with vibrant intelligence as well as a good outlook on life. A role model is not just a billionaire who catches the winning touchdown, or scores the winning goal. A role model spends their own time teaching by example.

Now that I knew Alain would be coaching, I wanted to have him be faced with coaching girls. So I gave him and Viviana both a lively team of cherubs to keep them on their toes, as well as to teach a fine lesson about stereotypical roles that are still hiding in the corners. While it`s true some of the parents of my girls are not overly thrilled about their girls playing hockey at first, they soon come around. Yes, hockey is a rough and tumble sport. But the benefits of being a part of a team in a sport that is still predominately male will build strong women. I am happy to report that over the years, the rate of females in hockey is climbing. Olympics LOGO

I hope you join me in cheering on the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams at this year’s winter Olympics in Sochi.

It’s a well-known fact that being involved in sports is a beneficial thing for children. We`re all aware of what athletics does for our young men, but are you aware of the good things that come from our young women being part of the athletic community? Sports teaches girls commitment, respect for others, how to concentrate under stress, how to make and achieve goals, respect for others, and how to accept responsibility. There has been extensive research done on other aspects of girls being involved in sports, and the benefits are staggering. The health benefits of course are impressive. Girls in athletics report fewer chronic illnesses, have better body esteem, report less tobacco and alcohol use, have healthier menstruations, and build stronger bones, thusly reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

There are tons more good things about getting your little girl into a sport to report! Playing sports helps girls do better in school, they perform better in math and science, and have a lower dropout rate. It seems girls in sports have a better social life as well. They also have more  involvement in their community. Just like male athletes, female athletes are more popular in school, as sports helps open the doors of the social ladders of high school. It`s pretty obvious how important sports can be for a young woman. From higher self-esteem to lower rates of depression and/or suicide, participating in sports is a plus for all girls. It`s a win-win for all involved!

 * * * * *

Vicki will be back tomorrow to share a few excerpts from Pink Pucks & Power Plays.  

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  1. Thanks for having me, Christina. I know this subject played a large role in the life of your lovely daughter. What she, and all young women, take away from being part of a team lasts them a lifetime.

    • That’s very true. There are many valuable lessons to be learned from sports. I know some folks frown on competition but when it’s presented in a healthy way, it can be useful. We need to learn about winning and about losing. Participation in sports teaches both.

  2. heather

    I enjoyed the article.

  3. Thank you for dropping by, Heather.

  4. Looking forward to reading

    • I’m glad you came by, Barbara. I hope to see you here again. 🙂

  5. I am so looking forward to reading this. Thank you for the chance to win it!!!!

    • Thank you for visiting Seasons of Love. I hope you’ll come back again, Elaine.

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