The Masked Lady and the Murder – Excerpts

Today, Lindsay is sharing an excerpt from The Masked Lady and the Murder, one of his Markson Regency Mysteries. Enjoy!

The Masked Lady and the Murder by Lindsay Downs


As she contemplated an answer, he decided it was better to charge ahead. Stepping up, he set his right hand on the small of her back only to feel a tingle course up his arm before settling in his stomach. Unsure, but knowing he needed to continue on to enjoy the feel of her in his arms, he grasped her right hand and stepped them back as one.

“M’ lord, maybe you didn’t hear me earlier,” Kristina said, trying to escape his gentle but firm hold. “I can’t dance.”

“That, my dear lady, is because you’ve never partnered with me. Now relax and let the music fill your mind,” he answered back, whispering the words into her ear.

Robert shifted his head so he would be able to see her expression. She looked panicked at first, but after a few steps she wore a broad, relaxed grin.

“What’s happening to me? By now I’ve trod on the gentleman’s feet several time,” she said, breathing heavily.

What is it with this woman? he thought, gazing down upon her upturned face. All she’s done since we’ve met is confuse me. Now with her breast rubbing against me, I’m at a total loss.

“M’ lady, you’re dancing and causing me no harm,” he said, sweeping her gracefully into a turn lest they tumble down the steps that led to the lawn.

He watched as she scrunched her brow. He suspected trying to marshal her thoughts. Robert was beginning to wonder if she might be as confused as he.

“But why? That, I can’t understand.”

“Robert, Kristina if I might interrupt your dance, I believe I’ve an explanation,” Donna said, settling a hand on his arm.

He brought them to a stop, then bowed to both ladies and escorted them to a nearby stone bench. Once they were settled, he leaned against the banister and waited. “Well?” he finally asked when his sister wasn’t forthcoming.

“Believe it or not, it’s very simple. Kristina, when you’re with Robert, you’re relaxed. If you hadn’t noticed, when you speak to him your stammer is gone, and while dancing you’re comfortable in his arms.”

Robert saw she was going to say something to Donna and intervened. “No, look at me when you’re talking, even if it’s to my sister.” He looked to her. “I’m sorry, but that might be the only way.”

Looking surprised, she did as he asked, keeping her focus on him. “Lady Kersey, I don’t understand. No, wait. I’ve not stammered, so what you say must be true. And with the dancing it’s the same, m’ lady?”

“Yes. Now might I suggest we return to the ball as I’m sure my dear husband must have tired of the chit he’d chased after and is now searching me out.” Donna stood, then started for the doors they’d exited through a short while ago.

* * * *

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I would like  to thank Lindsay  for being my guest author this week at Seasons of Love.

Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing the winner of his giveaway, plus sharing links on where to purchase The Masked Lady and the Murder.

Thank you, again, Lindsay, for being my guest this week.


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  1. It’s been fun being here this week and sharing my newest regency with your followers.

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