Leather and Lace – Excerpts

Today, Erica is sharing excerpts from Leather and Lace, her latest romantic suspense novel. Enjoy!

Leather and Lace by Erica Sutherhome


By now, the crime scene had been taped off, but there was no officer around to patrol.  The familiar smell of blood and death drifted into his nose as well as the combination of dirt and trash. Stealing himself against it, he headed down the walkway.

He stopped as he saw a figure leaning over the still form.  He wondered if it was another cop.  As he got closer, he saw the long hair, knew it was a woman.  The lamplight hit her face and his heart stammered.  She was a beauty, for sure, with a heart shaped face and long, wavy brown hair.  But, what drew him the most was the look on her face.  The tears swimming in her eyes, the deep regret.

She certainly did not dress like a cop. She wore black skinny jeans and a matching top as well as stiletto boots as she kneeled over the body. The clothes she wore were elegant somehow. She struck him as powerful.  She probably had a powerful job as well.  “Ma’am?”

She recoiled, gasping and turned to run, effectively breaking the police tape.

“Hey, stop!  Police!”


Excerpt 2

Atop one table, he finally spotted her.  Her long, brown curls fell down her back, nearly to the middle, where the hooks of her bra lay.  She wore red lacey fabric for lingerie along with thigh-length red fishnet hose, and her feet were strapped into red high heels.  Her steps were purposeful, seductive, and she was serious in her task.  Her dark brown eyes were also alluring. The makeup she wore was not heavy, but applied precisely to add a dramatic effect to her appearance.  She looked sexy yet mysterious, the way she had seemed before.  His groin tightened in response and his mouth went dry.  Satisfied that his equipment was working well, he casually inspected her.

It was her eyes that gave her away.  She was angry beneath that seductive exterior.  He wondered who she was angry with. Or, was it something she was upset about?  Was she dissatisfied with her job?  Was she angry at herself for having to resort to such a profession?  He didn’t know, but he wanted to. No, he needed to know.  He would not be able to let it go until he did know what was bothering her, how she truly felt about her job.

Suddenly, a man grabbed her hard and she stumbled into his lap.  “Come on, baby.  Make it good for me.”

Instead of screaming, she smiled.

There was something in that smile, Patrick realized.  A strange sensation ran over his body.

Excerpt 3

He went to answer the door.  When he opened it, he smiled.  Her hair was wild and tousled in a sexy way, and she wore a fitted black dress with simple black heels.  Her full lips were pouty and smeared with a fine sheen of plum-colored gloss.  A strange flutter started in his chest as he took her in. If the circumstances of their meeting weren’t so clandestine, he might be able to convince himself it was a date.

“Please come in,” he said with a gesture.

“Thank you.”

She swept past him and that fruity fragrance of hers began to drive him crazy.

“Are you hungry?  I have some pasta carbonara left if you want some.”

“No. Thank you.  That is very kind of you to offer.”

He blinked. Her voice was soft tonight with none of the defensive edges it had had the night before. She seemed almost shy and very polite.  Who was this woman?

Patrick cleared his throat. “It’s good to see you again, Angie.”

“Thank you.” She glanced away and a blush came over her cheekbones.

He instantly found her charming, and he couldn’t help but wonder if it was an act.  He imagined there were men who liked their women shy or submissive. For himself, he just wanted a woman to act like herself, not play a part.

“Shall we?” he asked, secretly hoping she would decide not to dance for him tonight.  Instead, he wanted to dance with her, hold her close while some jazz song played softly in the background. The odd, romantic thought unnerved him.

He came back and handed over the glass of water.  She drank steadily and he watched her throat move. He had an insane urge to press his lips there. Her neck was very graceful.  And so off limits, he reminded himself.

* * * *

Erica is doing a giveaway! She will gift an ebook copy (PDF) to one lucky reader. To enter for a chance to win, please leave a comment on this post.


 Giveaway ends at 8:00 AM (CDST) on Sunday, March 9.

* * * *

Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing the winner of Erica’s giveaway, plus sharing links on where to purchase Leather and Lace.

Thank you, again, Erica, for stepping in at the last moment to be my guest author this week at Seasons of Love.



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