Freedom is Not Free by Beverly Ovalle

Freedom is Not Free

by Beverly Ovalle

Thank you for following along with me! Did you guess who I am before my cover came out on Wednesday?

I was a sailor, hence the swearing! Having children made me curb my tongue, but unfortunately not enough. My daughter’s first word was one we laugh about but that she shouldn’t have known! Then, years later, I find out that was the first word I said too. So obviously it wasn’t my fault. I blame my mother as of course my daughter blames me.

Streetwalker, well that refers to my ten years as a USPS letter carrier, LOL! Now I’m a Postmaster so I send my streetwalkers out on a daily basis to take care of work. You see where this is going? I suppose it truly takes a twisted mind to think of it the way I do. But without that twisted mind I probably wouldn’t write.

I gave you a little info on how and why I wrote A Saint’s Salvation. It truly was a work of love. Some of the emotions expressed in my book were experienced as described by my son and other Veterans I know. I belong to AMVETS (American Veterans) so we tend to sit around and chat. Many of them have experienced combat, and they tend to get that grim look in their eyes when it’s discussed. To them the amount of the current generation experiencing the horror of war is heartbreaking.

Seeing the aftermath, current and even from years ago, prompted me to continue with my book. Yes it is a romance. But the heartbreaking truth is that our children and spouses, brothers and sisters, are going through this. Everyone deserves to find their happy ending. Especially those who have given up their limbs and lives to ensure the way of life too many people take for granted.

I live daily knowing Freedom isn’t Free. Wonder where that came from?



It is carved on the wall at the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC. It is attributed to retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, Walter Hitchcock. Standing there in front of it brought tears to my eyes. The war memorials in Washington DC make my heart ache.

I get choked up when I think too long and hard on the plight of our military. Having been in the military myself-way before the internet-I know how lonely you can get. Like my son and my character, I had a breakup while I was serving. We however have remained friends, and with me and him it was more of a gradual drifting apart. But it still hurt, when I’d call and he’d be too busy to talk to me. In my day, (don’t you hate that phrase? LOL) there were no cell phones. You had specific times you could use the phone exchange to make a call and it was limited to five minutes.

I’m passionate about our military and take personal affront at people that feel they need to deride anyone in the military. Take a particular case in the news. One enlisted Facebooked she was hiding in her car to avoid colors. I have to tell you, it was a mass exodus to be inside on my ship before colors were hauled up or down. I’ve seen sailors dive inside hatches to not stand outside and salute for what seemed like forever.

Her downfall was posting it. There is another phrase, you can’t fix stupid. But remember, she has done what ninety percent haven’t done in this country. She signed up to defend it. You want to be affronted, help change the way Veterans are treated. How bogged down the VA is. Volunteer at your local VA center. Make a difference. The young grow up and most will learn from their mistakes.

I actually dedicated A Saint’s Salvation to the men and women who serve and added helpline numbers for those active duty and veterans that need assistance.

 * * * * *

Beverly will be back tomorrow to share a few excerpts from A Saint’s Salvation.

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A Saint’s Salvation

“When aren’t there threats?”



  1. Thank you….people forget Freedom isn’t free. My Dad, husband and son all enlisted. Thank God none had to fight. My son was in the Air Force on 9/11. He met the president’s plane when he landed at Barksdale AFB. I was scared spitless… Thank you for serving and for helping the Vets. I look forward to reading A Saint’s Salvation.

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