A Saint’s Salvation – Excerpts

Excerpts from A Saint’s Salvation by  Beverly Ovalle

ASaintsSalvation_MED (1)

Nick received the Dear John letter a couple of months into his deployment. Worn out, tired and miserable in the conditions there, he’d looked forward to her letters. She was tired of a boyfriend on the other side of the world and wanted someone to go to the movies with, arms to hold her at night. She didn’t want to hear of war and death. She wanted someone to lean on, someone there. Nick felt as if she had broken his soul.

His buddies called him Saint. Nick wasn’t by any means. He swore and drank and smoked. The guys called him Saint because no matter what else he did, Nick was always faithful to her. Not that it mattered any more. She had just been the final tear in the cloth of his soul. The emptiness inside him was frightening.

Leila had never been one to carry the light. The crevices of her mind were dark, her eyes holding an ancient, unhappy soul. They were drawn together like a moth to a flame. At times, she couldn’t even bear to be around him, his joy more than she could sometimes stand. High school sweethearts, they epitomized the ideal that opposites attract.

Perhaps she had seen the darkness now inside him, the absence of the joy that drew her. The combination of him and her, looked at in that light, was frightening in the extreme. She must have dreaded it. For self-preservation, if nothing else, she had to let him go.

A shout from Hamilton brought him back to the here and now. “Hey, Saint, do you see any trouble coming?” On guard at the west wall, Nick shook his head. Not that it was much of a wall, a couple of sandbags holding up a makeshift bullet riddled wooden fence, an illusion of safety and security.

“No, it all looks clear.” Well, as clear as normal, Nick thought. The Seabees and the Army Corp of Engineers had done their best to give them a clear line of site, but the rubble of buildings and piles of rock where there used to be a town never seemed to go away. Rebels constantly hid there, randomly firing at their FOB, a forward operating base in Helmand Provence, making it almost impossible to build a more secure perimeter.

Nick could see kids playing in the dirt. In the distance the locals were harvesting the poppy fields. Some of the largest poppy fields in the world were right outside the walls of the FOB. Beautiful when in bloom, they were more pervasive and did more damage than the terrorists.

“Anymore threats?”

“When aren’t there threats?” Every damn day there were threats. “Why, is there a problem?”

“The brass is making noise. When they do something stupid, we end up paying for it.” Hamilton sounded disgusted. As Hamilton spoke, shots were fired over and through the fence, adding more holes to the dilapidated barrier. Nick and Hamilton hit the ground, rolling toward the sandbags to return fire through the cracks. “See what I mean?”

“Yeah it’s been a while since they shot at us, at least a couple of days.” Nick’s sarcasm caused Hamilton to laugh.

“Probably someone is coming to pick up something from the poppy fields and they want to keep us from seeing who.” Hamilton glanced at him. “You doing okay?”

“Gettin’ there. It was just a shock, ya know?”

“Yeah, damn women. The least they could do is be faithful while we’re out here fighting.”

“Yeah, it sucks. I just can’t help thinking it’s my fault.”

“Fuck. How the hell could it be? You weren’t even there. The bitch knew you were gone, were going to be gone.” They fired shots, aiming at the muzzle flash in the distance. More Marines headed their way, sprinting from cover to cover. Perez came running, bringing out ammo and providing more fire power.

Another crack and Perez went down with a cry.

“Fuck! Medic! Man down!” The cry went out, passed through until the call went to the corpsman, while Nick tried to stem the blood flow. Hands pushed his away. Nick looked up. Petty Officer Jones, better known as Doc, had bandages ready.

“Help me roll this on until we can get him out of here.” Her voice sent a ripple through him. Nick had always ignored the attraction he had felt for her. He’d had his girl back home, and fraternization out here could get him thrown in the brig. Not to mention the brig out here was a hell hole.

Nick was leery about approaching Doc now. The Dear John letter had been a shock. He had known Leila for years. Hell, they had been friends since they were little. Her betrayal was unexpected. Nick didn’t even really know Doc. He could trust her with his life, but he wasn’t ready for another go around with his heart, no matter the attraction he felt.

Nick looked toward the fence line, rifle at the ready. Shots were firing sporadically around him. That’s when he saw it, the trail from a grenade launcher, unmistakable. Shit!

* * * * 

Note: Adult Excerpt Below

18 and Older

Nick sat on the couch, staying out of the way as the waiter arranged the place settings and an ice bucket on the balcony table. The waiter pulled out the bottle of champagne, popped the cork and poured two glasses. He set the first glass down and turned, handing the second glass to someone Nick couldn’t see. She was here. His heart sped up in excitement.

The waiter set the champagne bottle back in the ice bucket and Nick stood up, his breath hitching. The waiter nodded and turned. Entering the room, the server dimmed the lights and pressed a remote lying on the table top. The Christmas tree in the corner lit up, the lights twinkling merrily and the low murmur of Christmas Carols coming from hidden speakers. Then the waiter quietly left and shut the door. Nick went over and locked it. He didn’t plan on any interruptions.

Nick made his way to the glass doors. Exiting his room, Nick saw the outline of a woman. The sun was dropping, highlighting her, leaving him unable to see her features, only her shape. Nick sucked in a breath and could feel himself harden. Curvy and just the right height to fold into his arms, long hair that lay in waves down her back, she was perfect.

Nick could hear her suck in a breath, in surprise or appreciation? Nick hoped to find out. He moved closer and with the sun no longer in his eyes, surprise slammed him upside the head. Nick grinned and stepped forward, trapping her against the railing. Her face had lit up, her smile diamond bright. His soul burst with happiness, responding to the joy in her face.

“Hello, beautiful.” Nick leaned down, pulling her curves against him and ravaged her mouth, not about to give her a chance to reject him. He felt her breath catch and then her arms came around his neck. He heard her glass hit the balcony floor. Nick shifted, sliding his lips along her neck. “I never dreamed it would be you.”

Nick ran his hands down her back. The thin silk dress she wore left little hidden from his hands. Nick smoothed his hands across her ass and pulled her up and fitted her heat against his growing erection. Nick couldn’t feel any panty lines. With her arms around his neck, holding tight as he kissed her, Nick grabbed her thighs and wrapped them around his hips.

He slipped his hands under the short skirt of her dress, caressing the globes of her ass. He slid his hands inwards, finding as he hoped, no panties. Running his fingers lightly against her silkiness, and dipping a finger inside to tease her, Nick could feel her wetness coat his finger as he slid into her warmth. Angelina gasped and threw back her head.

Nick quickly took advantage, pressing his hand deeper as he raised her up, her ass on his forearm. Angelina squirmed, rubbing against him. Nick bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth, teasing it through the silk. He slid a finger in and out of her heat, lightly rubbing her clit with his thumb. Angelina moaned and tightened around his finger. Pressing her close against him, Nick increased his thrusts. Nick bit her nipple and was rewarded with a cry as Angelina clamped down, drenching his hand as she came apart in his arms.

She placed her head against his shoulder, shivers running through her while her arms and legs tightened around him. Nick pulled his hand free from her warmth and licked his fingers clean, making smacking noises as he did.

“Pig.” It was so low Nick barely heard the comment. Nick chuckled as Angelina giggled in his arms.

“Did you want another glass of champagne?” Angelina shook her head and squirmed against him. Nick squeezed her to him, enjoying the feel of her, despite the tightness in his groin. “Are you ready for dinner? Or shall we just head straight to dessert?”

Angelina raised her head to look at him, her eyes heavy lidded. Nick smiled in satisfaction. He may not have gotten his rocks off yet, but Angelina was satisfied and that alone made his heart sing.


* * * *

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