A Touch of Magic

Night Magic

by Kathleen Ann Gallagher


The beautiful, but lonely owner of a bath and body shop, Krista Winters, is in need of legal counsel. Her past is about to catch up with her.  She was forced to flee from her life as a teacher in New Jersey after being shunned for being a witch.

Life is not the same for Jon Bartolo. He’s a dedicated lawyer, living in the town of Conway, New Hampshire. His days are spent helping his clients with their struggles and his nights are spent in agony, lost in a world between life and death.

His mother, who died three years ago, lurks in his house, suffering from a curse for eternity, without a resting place.

A smoldering fire between Jon and Krista ignites almost immediately, however he’s sure his secret would frighten a woman away. An afternoon escape brings them closer, but doubts lingers between the love-struck couple.

A touch of Night Magic might be exactly what Jon needs. How will his mother find eternal rest, so he can move on with his life? Or is he bound to a live of hell on earth?

Will Krista fit into his world when he learns about her past?  Or is she hiding a bigger secret?

* * * *

Tomorrow, Kathleen gives us a fascinating glimpse into the past and to the role magic has always played in her life. Be sure to drop by! 

Meanwhile, today, you can enter her giveaway for a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Just click on the link below:

Kathleen’s Amazon Giveaway

And now, for another “snippet”…

“Just as I thought. He’ll bother some other innocent woman.”



  1. Sounds like my kind of book….Best of luck….

  2. Great to see you, Tabitha! I thought you’d like it. Thanks so much!

    Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  3. Lisa Kait

    This sounds like a great book! Just added to my reading list.

    • Waves, Lisa! I’m so happy you stopped by!
      Thank you!

      Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  4. Thanks for asking me to stop by, sharing!

    • Hi Gretchen, It’s great to see you here.
      Thanks so much for sharing!
      Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  5. It sounds very interesting!

    • Hi Stacy, Night Magic is special to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the teaser.

      Thank you for sharing my post on your group.

      Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  6. I love this cover!

    • Hey Beverly, The cover fits the story so well. Glad you like it.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  7. I just wanted to jump in here for a moment and say “Thanks!” to everyone who’s taken time to visit. I’m delighted to have Kathleen as my guest author this week. 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on Roxy Wilson.

  9. I absolutely love your cover. The book is right down my alley and now on my TBR list. Best of luck with it!

  10. I really appreciate your kind words, Flossie! Thank you so much!

    Kathleen Ann Gallagher

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