Rescue My Heart – Excerpt

Four fun excerpts from Rescue My Heart by Jean Joachim

Rescue My Heart


“These are real jobs.” He made a dismissive noise with his lips and turned his gaze to his food. No respect for me, for dogs. Hates Baxter. What am I doing with him? Great sex? Oh, yeah.

“I make a lotta money since my promotion. You’ve got to keep up. You’re always broke. When are you going to take me to dinner?”

“I cook at home for you.”

“It’s not the same.” He took a bite of bread.

“I’m making your favorite chili tonight.”

He smiled. “Guess I’ll be here then.” She reached out and touched his smooth, freshly-shaven cheek. His blond hair was parted neatly, his blue eyes looked at her coolly.

“But then I have some work to do.”

“Nookie, eat and run?” He nodded, taking a sip of the hot brew. Bruce ran his fingers down the lapel of her robe, then dripped them under the material. Pushing the cloth out of the way, he grazed his fingers over her breast before cupping it. He stared at her bare flesh.

“You’re beautiful.” He bent to kiss her bosom.


Excerpt 2

“Are you hurt?” He asked.

“No, idiot brain. I’m just fine. Does it look like I’m fine?” Attempting to push to her knees from the pavement, she grimaced and let out a moan. A long scrape on her leg was bleeding, her shoulder ached and gravel was embedded in her knee. Tears clouded her eyes.


Excerpt 3

“You’ve ruined my life,” he moaned.

“Me?” She turned to look at him. “To have your arrogant, lascivious ass breathing down my neck…”

“I’d almost rather go to jail.” His eyes were hard.

“After a week with me, you’ll wish you had.” She stuck out her chin and narrowed her eyes. The two lawyers pulled and pushed their clients out of the courtroom.


Excerpt 4

She picked up on his interest in her chest. Searching through her wardrobe, she purposely selected the most revealing tanks and sweaters she could find. Tantalizing him gave her a thrill. He’s practically drooling! Dressing sexy had a side effect –it turned her on.

She became acutely aware of his presence. When he was near, the desire to touch and be touched by him grew stronger, like a magnet nearing a piece of metal. She resisted, telling herself it was strictly physical from the dry-spell she was enduring after Bruce’s departure.

* * * *

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