Grave Robber for Hire by Cassandra Shaw

I’m excited to welcome this week’s guest author, Cassandra Shaw. She’s here to share the first book in her new “Grave Robber” series.


Grave Robber for Hire

by Cassandra Shaw

Grave Robber for Hire Cover 3 MB(medium)- ebook


Grave Robber for Hire

Reasonable rates

Do Family legends hint at lost family treasures?

Have writing from ancestors I can use to jump-time?

Call me: Angel Meyers

 No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms (that’s not my gig)

* * * *


Cassandra says,

Grave Robber for Hire was a risk. A risk as I mixed up genres, a risk as I wrote it exactly as I saw and wanted my main character, and a risk since I took my natural writing voice and punched it up.

I also enjoyed making my main character a blatant animal lover (she runs an animal rescue farm). She is also environmentally aware. Yep, I cheated and put in a couple of my own passions.

I’d written several paranormal romances but this story just called to me like succubus. The second I saw Angel’s character in my mind I just had to write her story.

* * * *

Cassandra is giving away a $10.00 Amazon gift card this week.  You can enter commenting on any of Cassandra’s posts this week. You can also enter by “liking” Cassandra’s page on Facebook. Contest closes Sunday, April 20, at 6:00 AM CSDT.

Click the Rafflecopter link below to enter.

 Cassandra’s Gift Card Giveaway

Tomorrow, Cassandra will be back to tell us more about Grave Robber for Hireand on Friday she’ll share her personal experiences in wildlife orphan raising. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

Be sure to visit each day. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with another little “snippet” from the story.

“If I quit all the scary cases,

I wouldn’t have an income.”



  1. Don’t we all sneak a little of ourselves into our stories? 😉 This teaser has really made the book interesting. I personally love the animal lover bit – apart from the suspense this book promises.

    • I love the “reasonable rates”…LOL. Can’t wait to learn more about the story 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great read! I love it when authors aren`t afraid to mix genres a bit.

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