Pure Evil!

Grave Robber for Hire

by Cassandra Shaw

Grave Robber for Hire Cover 3 MB(medium)- ebook

Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men, possesses I-catch-cute-guys cleavage, and is the only person she knows with her gift. Her talent for touching handwritten documents and connecting with the mind of the writer, dead or alive, lets her delve into the past and locate lost family treasure for her clients.

 When she’s hired to locate a Rembrandt lost one hundred and fifty years ago, Angel sees a whole bundle of dollar signs. If she finds the painting, her fee would be enough to buy her much dreamed of animal rescue farm.


There’s just one tricky bit, when she touches the writing of Clyde Owen Jones, the last man to know the painting’s whereabouts, Angel feels a malevolence coming off the pages and realizes Clyde was pure evil.

* * * *


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* * * *

Tomorrow, Cassandra shares her personal experience in wildlife rescue. You won’t want to miss out on her inspiring post — complete with pictures! 

And now, for another “snippet”…

“So you want to enter someone’s house if it still even exists, rip up the flooring, and crawl over their backyard and look for hundred and fifty year old dead bodies?”


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