Thank You, Cassandra Shaw

From Christina: I want to thank Cassandra  for being my guest this week at Seasons of Love. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about her Grave Robber series and about her personal experiences in wildlife rescue.  I am grateful that she accepted my invitation. 

Cassandra says:

Thank you,  Christina, and all involved in the Seasons of love for having me this week. It’s been a lot of fun.  And thanks to all that have read and hopefully enjoyed learning a little about and my story.

* * * *

Cassandra’s $10.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway has now ended.

A winner has been selected at random and will be notified by Cassandra.



About Cassandra:

Cassandra L Shaw. sml JPGCassandra L Shaw was a child of passion who prayed she was secretly Dr. Dolittle. She loved all animals and bugs with a fierce devotion that has carried into her writing. Most of her stories –be they paranormal, futuristic, fantasy, or suspense — have humorous roles for her character’s pets. These pets are often named after her own beloved dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, ducks and birds.

Tina, Tit Tit, Bones, Willow, Falcor, and Asha are already in her first book, and there will be more. She’s pinky promised her pets immortality, so they will have it!

 With a passion for fashion, Cassandra’s fun quirky female characters like to wear Goth one day, fifties dresses the next, or imaginary witch capes and wands. Her hot, muscled male characters wear tight clothes to best show off their … err … attributes.

Hey, what’s a hero and romantic lead if he isn’t hot??

If you don’t like having a giggle while Cassandra’s heroes and heroines fight evil and other bad guys, discover themselves, eat well, and enjoy a good taste of life, lust, and love then Cassandra’s stories aren’t for you.

At home on her small farm in Queensland Australia, demons, monsters, aliens, futuristic worlds, sexy men, and hot sex scenes nestle happily amongst the housework Cassandra pretends doesn’t need doing.

Cobwebs are soooooo chic, her family think so too. HONEST.

Grave Robber for Hire Cover 3 MB(medium)- ebook



 Grave Robber for Hire is available now.



 Find Cassandra on Facebook 


Website: Cassandra L Shaw



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