Guardian Angels Do Exist

This week’s guest author believes in guardian angels…here’s what she has to say:



I have a fabulous guardian angel who keeps me alive. I’ve no idea if she foresaw how hard that was going to be when she signed up for the job, but let me tell you. She’s magnificent, and my proof is I’m still here.

I might have died so many times that I’ve lost track.

My brother sincerely believed my arrival ruined his life and he meant to correct the problem. By the time I turned five the doctor declared my chance of reaching adulthood unlikely, but my GA proved him wrong. I suppose now Child Welfare would have put me into a foster home, but back then in the south, things were different. You lived or died depending upon your guardian angel’s vigilance.

Later, my husband (quickly EX-husband) tried 3 times to kill me before I realized what was going on. However, my GA kept me safe through all three attempts, so I could remove him as the beneficiary of my life insurance policy and get a divorce.

I won’t mention all the near death by car events. I commuted in NJ. Near death accidents were a daily event. I survived them all thanks to my GA.

When I went skydiving for the first time, the plane nearly stalled (but recovered) on the way up, then I discovered when my chute opened that it had been poorly packed and my right toggle needed to be untangled before I could control my chute. A great sense of peace overcame me and I untangled the toggle, avoided the trees andelectrical wires and landed safely, all thanks to my GA.

I could go on…but I don’t want to bore you to death, since you might not have a guardian angel to save you.

Here is my guardian angel. GG Caroline

I know, you were expecting a smiling happy woman with wings. According to my grandmother, (this was her mother) when alive, my GA had no sense of humor, but was as good a person as you’d ever meet. But she must have appreciated a sense of humor, even if she didn’t have one. Why else would she protect me with such serious dedication?


* * * *

Think you know who this week’s guest author is? Check back tomorrow to find out the identity of this week’s guest and see what story she’ll be sharing.

Here’s a quick look at what will be happening throughout the week:

  • Wednesday: Our guest author’s identity will be revealed along with the cover art for the book she’s sharing.  She’ll also tell “the story behind the story” — what led her to write the book.
  • Thursday: Find out more! Our guest author will be sharing the book blurb with you…and not just in 25 words or less! You can read the blurb and find out what this story is all about.
  • Friday: Our guest author takes center stage today.  You won’t want to miss her feature post.
  • Saturday: Come back today for excerpts from this week’s book.
  • Sunday: Our guest author will be wrapping up the week’s visit with a giveaway. Throughout the week, you’ll have chances to enter each day.

And now…let me leave you with this enticing little  snippet from the book our guest author will be sharing:


“There are only so many places you can hide an AK-47 rifle.”


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  1. melissakeir

    I believe my guardian angel drinks! Especially knowing all the junk I get into! Maybe your guardian angel can watch over me too!

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