Climbing Out of Hell by Liza O’Connor

I’m excited to welcome this week’s guest author, Liza O’Connor.  She’s definitely one of a kind, and she’s here to share the books in her “Long Road to Love” series. Here’s the spectacular cover for Book Four


Climbing Out of Hell

by Liza O’Connor

Climbing Out of Hell



Liza says,

I had intended to stop at book 3 of this series, which leaves Trent on the sidewalk in perpetuity. However, some of my readers had fallen in love with Trent and demanded his redemption. So I looked at the situation from his perspective and what I discovered was shocking. He actually had reasons for his bad behavior.  So I pondered whether I should get them back together. Upon reassessing their relationship, I realized Carrie hadn’t been good for Trent either. She constantly enabled his bad behaviors. This breakup was a great chance for both of them to improve.

* * * *

Liza is giving away a ebook from her series — winner will choose from:

Worst Week Ever

Oh Stupid Heart

Coming To Reason

* * * *

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Liza’s Ebook Giveaway

Tomorrow, Liza will be back to tell us more about “The Long Road to Love”, and on Friday she’ll be sharing a few thoughts about how to change a man! Fictionally, that is.

Be sure to visit each day. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with another little “snippet” from the story.

“Why did you break their bones?”



  1. That is one amazing cover!

  2. oh wow, that cover! and it’s so cool to hear that the fourth book HAD to happen.

    • Once I discovered what poor Trent was up against, I forgave him entirely and now I love him with my whole heart.

  3. I sometimes think the books that “have to happen” turn out to be the best. This one sounds great.

    • I’ve been reading it over and over searching for the hard to find things that needed edited out or in, and I still love the story. That is not always the case.

  4. melissakeir

    Love the cover and can’t wait to see how you torture …um.. help Trent!

    • This is his redemption, so he has to do the heavy lifting, but I toss no file cabinets on his new handsome head.

  5. Rebecca

    Love Carrie and Trent and decided I would not read the 3rd book because I wanted to keep them together. Thank you for giving us book 4. I am still scared to read it. I am starting to think I need therapy. It is worse than how my Mom was with her soap operas. LOL

    • LOL. Well, they have broken up, Coco’s father has threatened to destroy Carrie unless Trent gives her up.

      Perhaps you should read book four, then go back and read book 3 so you can see both Carrie and Trent properly settled. Carrie gets her HEA in book 3. Trent gets his in Book 4.

  6. Loving the cover, Liza.

    • I rather like it too. I couldn’t choose just anyone. I had to find someone that could realistically be modified from the prior picture I used for Trent.

  7. Toni Kelly

    Gosh, I can’t believe how one little snippet has me so curious. Congrats on this book four in the series!

    • You laugh when you read that in context.

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