Conundrums by Liza O’Connor

From Christina: Leave it to Liza to start throwing big words around. Like conundrums. Not one conundrum, but two! Enjoy her posts.



by Liza O’ConnorConundrums


Today, I share how I deal with two writing conundrums:


Normally, I don’t think people can fundamentally change on a long term basis. They may improve their behavior for a short while to reconcile, but in time they will return to the person they were before. However, there is an exception to that rule. If a person is broken to their core, if they hate what they’ve become and would rather die than continue on their path, then they have the ability to fundamental alter who they are.

Most people will fail in truly changing because they don’t think they are as horrible as others perceive them. But Trent saw himself through Carrie’s eyes the fateful day in the limo and it broke him to the core.

Never has there been a man more open to changing. He gives away all his possessions and most of his money; he practices kindness and generosity, by channeling Carrie, and he loves people for who they are, rather than what they can do for him.

I’m fascinated by the man he becomes and how differently people perceive him now. It constantly amazes him how a man previously thought to be an idiot is now thought to be a ‘fast study.’ But when people like you, they are far more likely to see the best in you, listen to your advice and agree with your perspective.

Trent has been starved for positive feedback all his life. Once he taps into the power of positive thinking and the focus of helping others, he becomes a man everyone in the small town loves. This heals his childhood wounds of never being good enough to love. Finally, he can get beyond his past and become a man, instead of an angry child in a man’s body.

This isn’t to say his life is all roses. Sadly, the woman he has fallen in love with is his brother’s girlfriend. It doesn’t matter that she loves him in return. Trent will never betray Sam, so his second chance of love can never be.

Or so he thinks.


It might be called ‘Over the Top.’

When Trent needed a new city to live in, I relocated him to Iowa because they recently passed a law allowing blind people to carry and discharge guns in public. They don’t even require permits for rifles.

So the heroine’s blind gramps exercises his constitutional rights by shooting an AK 47 rifle at pigeons. The mayor forbids the sheriff to intervene because he doesn’t want the town sued for infringing on the old man’s rights.

And here is where I get myself in trouble.

Think about it. The old man is blind. The only direction he can ‘safely’ aim to kill pigeons is skyward. Let’s say a few bullets hit a pigeon, but most of the bullets travel upward, discover the theory of gravity and come back down. If you’ve even been caught outside in a hail storm, you’ll understand just how terrifying falling lead bullets would be.

And that’s when I’ll get hit with an Over the Top violation. But I ask you, where are the bullets going to go? They don’t just freeze in mid-air when they miss their target. No, for normal hunters they keep traveling until they hit a tree, a hiker, some poor animal….or until gravity pulls them to the ground where they hit a mole, munching on a root, two inches underground. (Talk about bad luck!). But the blind are…well, blind, so the only ‘safe’ direction they can aim is UP. And you know the saying. What goes up…

So do I remove the scene because it’s going to get hit with an Over the Top Violation? Hell. No. It passed the Crazy but Real test, and it enables Trent to become a hero on his first day in town when he convinces the old man to stop raining lead bullets upon the good citizens of Denton.

So I’m keeping it!

If you want me to behave, make the REAL world behave. I’m not behaving until it does.

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Tomorrow, Liza shares a few excerpts!

Until then, here’s another little “snippet” to enjoy.

“I’ve always been able to seduce women,

but now I don’t even have to try. “



  1. Thanks for having me Christina.

  2. Let the reviewers slam you -it makes people curious about your books and they are more interested in books that are different rather than ones where they can predict the ending by the second page.

    • I do tend to be unpredictable. I can’t even guess my endings. I just follow my characters.

  3. vicki

    The blind having a rifle is for real? Wow. I’m surprised. But not about the consequences. That’s what can make New Year’s so scary when people shoot randomly outdoors. Interesting post.

    • Actually ‘celebratory shootings’ have killed people miles away when the bullet discovers gravity and falls to the earth.. This is why I had the hardware guy give everyone metal umbrellas in my book. I didn’t want anyone dying because I have a perverse sense of humor.

      Turns out, lots of states allow blind people to hunt. (They are probably no more dangerous than drunk hunters.)

      When it comes to guns, parts of this country, are ridiculous. There’s a youtube complaining because while a man’s daughter can’t shoot a gun at a range (she’s 14) she can shoot his rifle. An eight year old can shoot his rifle. once. Then he’s flat on the ground, from the kick back, crying.

      These states claim their constitutional right to bear arms and the American disability act, which doesn’t allow you to discriminate against the blind as their reasons the blind should be allow to shoot guns. (Actually, it shows the difference of influence between the NRA and the auto industry.)

  4. I’m glad to see Trent is finally going to get an HEA. On the subject of bullets, they are much more dangerous than you depict. When my son was in Iraq, there was a celebration where people were shooting into the sky. He saw a young child killed by a falling bullet. Tweeted.

    • See my comment above. They are dangerous, and to protect the citizens of my town, they walk about with metal umbrellas when bullets are falling. However, the insurance companies are are bout to go broke from all the property destruction. Thankfully, Trent does an act of kindness and the fiasco ends.

  5. melissakeir

    It is hard to change. I can’t imagine how broken Trent was… but I can’t wait to find out!

    • Soon, very soon….

    • Only one person has ever loved him, and during that time with Carrie, he discovered he needed to be loved, and now she hates him. He can’t live a life where everyone hates him anymore. And while he’s never be able to make things right with all the people who know and hate him, he can start over in a new place, and instead of channeling his father, channel Carrie. He has the tools to become a better man, he hast the incentive, the only question is will he put it all together. Or does God really hate him.

  6. Gosh this sounds like it is going to be a fun and tension-filled read, although I can definitely sense there will be tears for Trent. And I agree with Christina, you have an awesome outlook on life– which in turn comes out in your writing.

    • To me, this book is fun, loving, positive and full of surprises, because Real Life won’t behave. I expect everyone to love Trevor (Trent) when it ends.

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