Timeless Night by Torie James

I’m excited to welcome one of my favorite friends as this week’s guest author. Torie James is creative, imaginative, fun-loving, and…well, OK, maybe a little weird — but in a good way. She’s sharing her latest release, Timeless Night. 


Timeless Night

by Torie James

Timeless Night by Torie James


Torie says,

This book is highly special to me as it almost didn’t get written but for different reasons than the first one. I was challenged at every small thing by this tale. At first I wanted to think it was because I couldn’t identify with the female protagonist on any level but it turned out we have far more in common than not. What started out as a battle of wills became therapy for both myself and Nimue. I helped her and she healed me from some wounds I wasn’t even aware I was carrying around.

* * * *

Tori is offering an autographed paperback edition of Timeless Night, the first book of her “New Camelot” series. For a chance to win, please comment by telling Tori what “Camelot” means to you — in one word.

Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, May 4.

Drawing will be at 7 AM (CSDT)

* * * *

Tomorrow Torie will be back to tell us more about “Timeless Night”.

On Friday she’ll be sharing a few thoughts magic.

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s a little snippet!

“A thousand years and you still seek to find solace at the bottom of a mug, Gawain?””


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