Thank You, Torie James

From Christina: I want to thank Torie  for being my guest this week at Seasons of Love. I’ve enjoyed her visit, and I hope you have, as well. 


Torie says:

I want to thank everyone who kept up with me this week, and for following along. It was wonderful to meet new friends who share the same passion for reading I do. You guys rock! And a special shout out to the amazing Christina Cole who not only is an amazing lady and wonderful writer, but always gives so selflessly to helping other authors in their own quests. Lady, you are fantastic!

From Christina: Ah, Torie! You’ve got me blushing now. Thanks for the kind words. I’m honored by your friendship.


About Torie James:

486085_196972313782948_31003999_nOnce upon a time, a girl walked into a magical forest and pulled a sword from its stone. She’s fought battles, ridden dragons and cast spells. She’s been the right hand of the world’s most famous wizard and taken tea with Queens and Kings. She’s taken off for Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere…and hasn’t come back. Her name is Torie James.

* * * *

Find Torie James online at:

Torie James – Oh, the Places I  Go!




Amazon Author

Breathless Press



Buy Links for Timeless Desire:

Timeless Night by Torie James

Breathless Press





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