Seduced by the Game – Cancer Charity Anthology

OK, you figured it out, right? This week’s guest author is actually a group of talented writers who’ve joined together in support of a very good cause.

Seduced by the


Here is what author V L Locey shared with me about this special anthology and how it game about:

Hockey Fights Cancer ™ is an initiative founded in December 1998 by the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association to raise money and awareness for hockey’s most important fight: the fight against cancer.

You can find out more about Hockey Fights Cancer here:

Hockey Fights Cancer

To find out more about Seduced By The Game, visit our website here :

Seduced By The Game 


OK, so what about those fascinating facts from yesterday? As promised, here’s who’s done what!

The cancer survivor is Cassandra Carr. She says:

 I’m a cancer survivor, and had the same kind Mario Lemieux had. I was diagnosed around the same time Mario made his comeback and one of the first things I thought upon getting my diagnosis was, “If Mario Lemieux can come back and play professional hockey, I can at least survive this.”

Biker’s Realm, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Mario Andretti?

Those fascinating facts come from Nikki Worrell:

My husband and I used to own a motorcycle apparel shop called Biker’s Realm. We sold everything but the bike—leather coats, chaps, helmets, etc. I got my motorcycle license about 8 years ago or so and bought a Harley Davidson Low Rider. I don’t have the bike or the store anymore, but I’m thinking a new Harley is in my near future.

I’m related to Abraham Lincoln. Actually, his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln is my great, great, great, etc. Aunt.

I have raced with professional race car drivers (I was a passenger) in Fairmont Park, PA. I got to race in a Dodge Viper and a BMW M3. Very cool experience. I worked in grid for the SCCA at the time (Sports Car Club of America) and also met Mario Andretti who signed my official Texaco racing jacket (Texaco was his Indy sponsor). At other races (Pocono mostly), I’ve seen Paul Newman, Walter Payton, Tom Cruise (we called the SCCA, See Cruise Crash Again when he was there!) and Jason Priestly (NOT a nice guy).

Who once lived in London?

Jaymee Jacobs

Who ran away to Alaska?

Catherine Gayle

And what about those comics and that wolverine tattoo? That would be V L Locey. She says:

I`m a large Marvel comics nerd. So large, in fact, that I was a moderator for many years at the Marvel.Com website. I also have a tattoo of Wolverine on my left bicep.


These great ladies are a few of the authors who have contributed stories to

Seduced by the Game.

* * * *

Here is a complete list:

Toni Aleo

Cassandra Carr

Cindy Carr

Jami Davenport

Catherine Gayle

Jaymee Jacobs

V. L. Locey

Bianca Sommerland

Nikki Worrell

Tomorrow, find out more about the stories included in Seduced by the Game! 

Your purchase of the anthology will help support

Hockey Fights Cancer!



  1. Thank you so much for your support, Christina!

  2. I’m so glad that I can help in some way.

  3. Really nice job. Thank you!

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