Blood Green by Ashley Nemer

Please join with me in welcoming Ashley Nemer to Seasons of Love this week. She’s sharing the latest book in her “Blood” series.

Blood Green

by Ashley Nemer

Blood Green




Ashley says,

This was hard to write because it was the ‘ending’ of a world that I have come to feel was not only a part of my life but my entire being. Nikole, Zayn and Leigh are me, my family, my everything and to close their chapters was hard. But it was also extremely fulfilling. Writing is a personal challenge for me because growing up, I missed the ‘phonics’ part of English in 1st and 2nd grade and I have spent my entire life playing catchup. So now, knowing people love this world I have created, makes me know that if you put your mind to it, anything, and I  mean anything, is possible.


* * * *

Tomorrow Ashley will be back to tell us more about “Blood Green”.

On Friday she’ll be sharing a few thoughts about society and culture.

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s a little snippet!

“My, my, what is this, no underwear?”


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