Family, Friends, Love, Survival by Ashley Nemer

From Christina: Today, Ashley Nemer shares some interesting thoughts about society, about culture, and the world in which we live. 


By Ashley Nemer

One thing that I have wanted to bring into this world as a result of writing the Blood Series is a bit of exposure to a place that isn’t really known heavily in modern pop culture. We look at the Arabic world and see hatred and fighting. While yes, I have that in my book, that isn’t what is really at the core of these countries.

Family, friends, love, and survival, that’s what is at the core.

Arabian FamilyEach country contains their own cultures and life. Their essentials are the same as ours in America, but their structure is different. I hope that my Blood Series will show you that the people across the globe are just like all of us in America. Some might question how a vampire book can do that or if I wrote this with some hidden message inside the text. Well, no, I didn’t do that. But what I did do is allowed the drama and action inside the book to stem from the relationships of the main characters. They each do things, good and bad, that make their characters relatable. We all have relationships, be it parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, spouses, children, etc… And we all know that inside these relationships, ‘things’ happen.

It’s those ‘things’ that drive the Blood Series. And that’s what I want everyone to take away, that even though there are people in countries you haven’t heard of, seen on television or even read about shedding any positive light on them, it doesn’t mean that their culture is bad.

Here is a fun fact: Did you know Lebanon had the very first Christian political leader in the Arabic world? It was so important to them that it is a requirement that the head position in 1/3 of the governmental structure be a Christian. So many people look at the Arabic world and see the instant horrors people associate with 9/11. They don’t take the time to learn and grow from what is truly behind these individuals over there. I’m a 3rd generation American on my paternal line. My family came to the USA in the early 1900’s. My dad’s grandparents spoke Arabic. He remembers his grandmother telling him he will be the President one day but that’s all he could understand when my great-grandmother Mary was alive and spoke to him.

I think a lot of time people forget that our Judo-Christian roots started there, in the Arabic world. Noah’s Ark is said to be somewhere in Iraq. How would that be possible if our roots didn’t come from there? My family, my father’s mother’s lineage, stems from one of the original thirteen tribes of Lebanon. My grandmother’s maiden name was the same one that was carried through the thousands of years and is still very much alive and flourishing globally today. In 646 my family and those of the surrounding tribes were pushed out of their homeland and forced to take refuge in the mountains. That’s how the premise of Blood Purple came about. Nikole and Zayn’s family lineage followed that of my own.

We are all the same beings. Our blood runs red, our heart beats inside our chests and our hopes, dreams and desires are identical. We all simply hang our hats in different specks of land on this planet.

“You have scars, too. Some of our stories align.”


Tomorrow, Ashley will be sharing excerpts from Blood Green. Be sure to stop by to read more.



  1. That was a wonderful read. I’m really curious about your BLOOD books now. The values you mentioned feature much too little in modern stories, especially in paranormal books.

  2. Ashley nemer

    I am glad you liked it. This world is my heart and soul and I just always hope others love it as much as I do.

    • Thanks for being my guest this week, Ashley. Best wishes for all your writing projects.

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