Blood Green – Excerpts

You’ve been waiting for these! Here they are…excerpts from Blood Green shared by author Ashley Nemer. Enjoy!


(Some Arabic is used inside the text, Omm= Mom, Baba=Dad, Bent Amtys=cousin)


Blood GreenThere were very few things in this world that Leigh considered a blessing. One of those things happened to be a selection of books she’d recovered from a home that her omm had owned. The home was currently in her name and was Leigh’s official place of residence when she wasn’t out hunting and killing with her abb. The eastern part of the United Kingdom made a great hideout from the world that she wasn’t fond of.

One day when Leigh was cleaning out the cottage to make room for her things, she found something special, something invaluable. Inside this little cottage was a shelf full of leather bound, hand-sewn books. These sacred items were all that Leigh had left of her omm, and she didn’t want to give them up. She had traveled with these treasures when she came to Colorado to help Haydar in his pursuit against her bent amtys, but she’d kept them hidden, because if Haydar had discovered them, then they too would be taken from her, just like every other artifact that she had recovered of her omm’s.

She pulled one of the books out of its hiding place and ran a hand over the smooth, leather outer cover. Leigh could still even detect the scent of the woman she longed for. Her fingers found the sides of the pages and she flipped the book open. With a glance down, she saw the date, February 2, 1352.


Today was a good day. Leigh and I went in to London, and we used this time alone to hone in on some of the skills she is acquiring. She has the ability of mind control and deception but hasn’t mastered how to use them yet. We found a peasant boy and practiced on him. Sometimes the weak mind of a child is the best tool to use when sharpening one’s skills. I can tell from her demeanor that she is a natural born leader. One day she will be able to take over in Haydar’s stead, and our world will thrive.

Speaking of her baba, his highness Haydar has been in an especially foul mood today. His okht spoiled another one of his attempts to control the Algula. The way Haydar goes on about Ikram confuses me. It is very evident that at one point in their lives they were friends, but now, all she is and all she will ever be is an enemy. Haydar is still sour with me from our last encounter with Ikram. I know he felt he should have killed her when he had the chance to, but she was with child. The Gods above and Mother Nature cannot allow that kind of killing. Infant life, unborn infant life, is holy, and he shall never kill a pregnant Algula. He always forgets that the Gods will punish us if we don’t follow the guidelines they left for us. One day I shall show Leigh those items I have from the start of our reign on Earth, and she will understand.

Though I love Haydar with all my heart and soul, I just pray that he doesn’t bring Leigh down the path of unrighteous behavior in his pursuit for the crown

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