Magick and Moonlight by Marie Lavender

Please join with me in welcoming Marie Lavender for a return visit to Seasons of Love.

Magick and Moonlight

by Marie Lavender

Moonlight and Magick by Marie Lavender


 Love spells are dangerous…

Even more dangerous for those who cast them.


Marie says,

 Magick & Moonlight was a joy for me to write.  It came to me as an image, of a man kicking rocks along the shoreline while the full moon sat above him.  He is lost in his own thoughts until he notices something out of the ordinary.  It was fun to show exactly what he saw and how he reacted to it.

* * * *

Tomorrow Marie will be back to tell us more about “Magick and Moonlight”.

On Friday she’ll be sharing a few thoughts about love and the spell it casts upon us.

* * * *

Marie will be giving away an ebook copy of “Magick and Moonlight”.

To enter, click below !

Marie’s Ebook Giveaway

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s a little snippet!

“What the hell did you do to me?”




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