Love is a Spell by Marie Lavender

From Christina: Marie Lavender shares a few thoughts today about magic…the kind of magic that comes from love. Enjoy!


By Marie Lavender


Since Magick and Moonlight is about the practice of magick, I wanted to discuss love and how it relates to spells.  There are love spells, of course.  And some people may do them.  But, what I mainly want to talk about is the spell of love.  If you’ve ever been in love, you know what I mean.

Love Spell For a time, you are infatuated, so overwhelmed with feelings that you don’t know what happened.  Everything that person does is amazing or wonderful.  If you’re lucky, you stay in love, but some of that freshness ebbs.  This is not a bad thing.  Love is no longer a shiny penny.  No, it is wiser and you can see the one you love in a new light.  You can see strengths and weaknesses, and still love them for it.  Because we recognize our own flaws, we can appreciate theirs as well.

There are going to be days that something annoys you, some little quirk.  There are going to be days when you don’t agree on something, usually something small.  But, we call those moments life.  If you’re a romance reader, you’re familiar with the fact that nothing is always rosy in a romance novel.  There are conflicts just like in life.

If you’ve found a forever kind of love, you are with that person for life through the ups and downs.  And if you’re wise, you recognize it isn’t always easy.  So, once the freshness of being in love wears off, you start to see if these little annoyances or quirks are things you can live with.  You decide you can.  Then what?  Well, then it gets good.  Because there are other moments when you are reminded why you fell in love with that person.  I hope they happen every day for you.  If you are in love, you will feel that “spell” again and again.  Life and its stressors may take you away for a time, but the one you love will always bring you back somehow.

In writing Magick & Moonlight, it was interesting to show this very normal progression in a metaphorical way.  Ethan falls under Jessie’s spell, but she doesn’t expect for the same thing to happen to her.  She tries to fight it because it’s safer for her to look at things practically, but we all know that love isn’t practical.  It is messy and it just happens.

The conflict does come in the book, however.  So, do they figure things out?  I guess you have to read Magick & Moonlight to find out!


“Do you want me to lie?”


Tomorrow, Marie will be sharing excerpts.  Be sure to stop by to read more.

For a chance to win a copy of Magick and Moonlight, enter Marie’s giveaway.



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