When I See Your Face – Excerpts

A wonderful read for your weekend!  Enjoy these excerpts from When I See Your Face by Devika Fernando.

Excerpt 1

When I See Your FaceCathy froze and her head shot up to meet his eyes. Michael was standing right in front of her, surprisingly close. He was looking at her neck instead of her face. Slowly, his hand crept up from her arm, over her shoulder to the bare skin close to her neck. His touch set her on fire, kept her rooted to the spot and aching for more with the simple feel of his slightly calloused fingers—yet another difference between him and Mark—against her moist skin and the pulse hammering beneath his thumb. She had no idea what he was doing, but was dimly aware of her heart beat on overdrive. He seemed to have noticed because a moment later he did look into her eyes. There was that intense emotion again, like hunger and something else warring inside him and claiming her as his. It was a gaze that made her fantasize. They were locked like that for she didn’t know how long. His face came closer and closer still, her breath stopping, his breath a faint breeze on her lips that had parted. Would he kiss her now? Would she let him?



Excerpt 2


He bent and plucked a dandelion, holding it in front of her face.

“Make a wish and blow on this. Folklore has it that such wishes come true when they are carried away on the wind and are heard by fairies.”

There was a faint grin on his lips, but his tone was more serious than the suggestion warranted it.

She had so many wishes crowding together in her head, jostling for a place at the front of the queue.

“Am I supposed to say it out loud or is it best kept secret?”

“Make your wish silently. I have always believed that thoughts are more potent in their magic than the spoken word.”

She blinked. What kind of man had beliefs like that? How much was there to him to discover and revel in? How much more to make him so appealing that she could never find it in herself to resist him?

Drawing close to his hand, she closed her eyes. Frowning with concentration, she tried and tried to decide which wish to make. Sucking in a long breath, she opened her eyes again and blew hard at the fluffy white dandelion. Its seeds flew apart and sailed away on the air, like so many tiny parachutes carrying her wish to God knew where.

Straightening up, she looked after them with an almost painful longing.

“Do you think I’ll be lucky? Will the fairies listen to me?” she asked, working hard at keeping her tone casual, and not succeeding.

He smiled his crooked, charming smile that got to her each and every time.

“I would if I were a fairy.”

She heard the flirting in it and it felt like a caress to her.

“Don’t you think it’s my part to be the fairy?” she joked.

His smile widened and his eyes darkened.

“You’d make a wonderful fairy. I can just about imagine you in gauzy, loose clothes and diaphanous wings with flowers in your hair and bare feet, dancing lithely through the fields and making lone wanderers fall head over heels in love with you.”

His voice was a sensual growl deep in his throat. His fingers brushed over the pulse hammering at her throat and strayed sideways, lifting a strand of her hair and twirling it round his index finger.

With her heart beating in her mouth, she made an effort at lightening the mood.

“If you had ever seen me dance, you wouldn’t describe me as a lithe and graceful fairy. I am a clumsy wooden donkey with two left feet.”

“Maybe you’ve had the wrong partner all along,” he said, his voice full of meaning.

She swallowed.

“Maybe,” she conceded.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, frozen in place, their minds full to the brim with possibilities and dreams and obstacles.



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