Totally Devoted by E. M. Bannock

That cute little first grader with the beautiful smile?  She’s E. M. Bannock, and she’s here to share Totally Devoted.


Totally Devoted

by E. M. Bannock

Totally Devoted



E. M. Bannock says,

 Writing “Totally Devoted” was a sort of therapy for me. I had just lost my sister to breast cancer and months before she died we found out her husband had been cheating on her. I used this situation as a sub plot to the main story and it helped me deal with it.

Ever since I could remember I always wanted to be an author. The main story line came from instant inspiration and a dream. I was working a traveling job and writing the book helped fill in the dead time on the road. The book sat in my computer memory for over 10 years before self-publishing gained popularity.

When my father passed away I inherited a small amount of money, just enough to make my dream come true. Thanks, Dad.

* * * *

Come by tomorrow to learn more about “Totally Devoted”. 

On Friday, E. M. will be sharing a few thoughts about  horseback riding in the beautiful western part of the US.

Be watching for her feature post!

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“Unless I’m mistaken, I think we’ve got a little time.”



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