Exposing the Struggles of Life

From Christina: Today, author E. M. Bannock tells us more about her novel, Totally Devoted.

Totally Devoted

Totally Devoted is a gripping, modern, western romance that exposes the struggles of life with raw human emotion, and danger. It is a modern tale about two people, damaged by life’s cruelties, who find each other and experience love, lust, and happiness together until a career change comes between them and puts Marie Trousdale’s life in danger. Wil struggles with moral values and personal freedoms while being forced to fight for the woman he loves.

The strength of family and life ethics plays an intricate part of this story. It also deals with a woman’s freedom and individuality as it exposes feminine and masculine vulnerabilities, strengths, and emotional weaknesses.


Intertwined within the main story is an intriguing subplot involving the main characters brother-in-law that will have the reader anxious to see how it plays out.

The sex, though graphic, works well within the context of the story and helps to strengthen the deep love between the two main characters while creating an intimate bond between the reader and Marie and Wil.

The characters are believable with qualities every reader can identify with. The plot situations are realistic and at the same time extraordinary. The story puts regular people in unexpected circumstances that task them to their limit.

* * * *

E. M. Bannock returns tomorrow with a post about horseback riding in the beautiful west.

Until then, here’s another little snippet to enjoy.

“You’ve got beautiful titties.”


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