The Secret Ingredient by Lynn Rae

Please join with me in welcoming this week’s guest author, Lynn Rae. She’s here to share her latest romance.


 The Secret Ingredient

by Lynn Rae


SecretIngredient second cover mockup




Lynnn says,

The Secret Ingredient is all my hero Nate Garner’s fault. He appeared as a secondary character a book I was writing last fall and he wouldn’t get out of my head. He kept talking and talking to me so incessantly that I stopped writing that book and wrote his just so he’d leave me alone. The timing worked out well enough that the majority of The Secret Ingredient was written during last fall’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I ‘won’ since I got fifty thousand words on paper in a month, and I ‘won’ because Liquid Silver offered me a contract on it too. Once I wrote ‘the end’, Nate left me alone because he finally had June like he’d wanted all along, and I got back to finishing the story I’d been working on before. Liquid Silver will be publishing that one, First Choice, Second Chance, in July.

* * * *

Come by tomorrow to learn more about “The Secret Ingredient“. 

On Friday, Lynn will be sharing a bit of information about vintage jewelry.

Be watching for her feature post!

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“He’s going to be a handful.”




  1. Is the secret ingredient salt? We eat way too much of that…
    Book sounds fabulous!

    • It does sound like an entertaining read. My TBR list keeps growing and growing… LOL

  2. That is an awesome story! 😉 Does happen to us sometimes that a character demands his story to be told. Congrats on all the ‘wins’! And I LOVE that cover!

  3. Thanks Devika, it’s a gorgeous cover and somehow the designer found models who were more perfect than I could imagine. Liza, the salts mentioned earlier are all in my kitchen, like Nate Garner, I have a weakness for trying any sort of new ingredient.

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