Looking For a Break

From Christina: Today, Lynn Rae shares the story of “The Secret Ingredient”.

SecretIngredient second cover mockupNate Garner is a happy-go-lucky short order cook looking for his big break. When he answers a casting call for a new reality cooking show, he needs a person behind the camera to help with his audition. Enter June Sinclair, a hyper-organized school secretary recruited by Nate’s sister to produce his video. Nate and June get to know each other as they film him cooking, shopping, and mixing drinks at his mother’s bar. Nate fights his growing attraction to June, because he knows she needs someone reliable to write into her well-worn planner, while June assumes he’s already involved with his best friend, Heather. What sort of future can they cook up together when Nate gets the call to go to Hollywood?

* * * *

Lynn will be back tomorrow to talk about vintage jewelry.

Be sure to drop by!

Until then, here’s another little snippet.

“Come on, shock me.”



  1. Sounds great! And I can’t wait to read about vintage jewellery!

  2. Thanks, Devika. I could write a book about vintage jewelry, I love it so much. Hey, wait a minute, maybe I should….

    • I am looking forward to sharing your feature post with readers tomorrow. So glad to have you as my guest this week.

  3. Thank you Christina. I’m enjoying it!

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