Stranded in the Wilderness by Jaydyn Chelcee

Stranded in the Wilderness

by Jaydyn Chelcee

Hello Readers,

Forest 1Today’s subject is ‘Stranded in the Wilderness’.

When I came up with the plot to strand a couple of my leading characters in the wilderness, I had to choose carefully who I thought would survive such harsh challenges. The hero and heroine I came up with had already met and conquered so many other ‘bad’ things in their lives, things that not only changed their futures, but also made them stronger without them realizing it.

Who did I choose? Well, it could only be Wild Remington and Jayla Ross from WILD, Book 5 of the Montana Men Series I wrote under my Jaydyn Chelcee persona.

Having a pregnant woman on his hands who is on the verge of having a miscarriage and the worst blizzard crashing upon them presents a big, big challenge, especially when their only way out is crossing just below the wide expansion of the majestic Rockies on horseback.

Just to keep it interesting, maybe I can throw in a couple more obstacles to keep them on their toes as they struggle to cross the snow-covered trail in this mountainous region. Do you have any ideas? I’d be interested in reading your comments on the subject.

However, I’m betting that just when things go halfway smooth, something terrible will go wrong. What kind of major upset can I write for these two? I know. How about an assassin determined to track down and kill the heroine? Of course, I’m sure he has his reasons for wanting Jayla dead.

Or, maybe you’d prefer a pack of hungry wolves hot on their trail?

I know. Why not both?

Okay, so being stranded in the wilderness isn’t going to be all that much fun for the hero and heroine, but do you think it’ll be interesting?

Rocky MountainsCan I come up with one last thing to make their journey a little more challenging?

Let me see (thinking).

I got it! I think I’ll let one of these characters fall down the mountainside. Which one shall it be?

All right readers, please share with me what you think would make great challenges for a hero and heroine stranded in the wilderness.

Jaydyn Chelcee will return tomorrow to share excerpts from “Wild”.

Until then, here’s another little snippiet to whet your appetite.

…she’d forgotten how big and intimdating

this part of the country was.



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