Wild – Excerpt

For your weekend reading pleasure, author Jaydyn Chelcee shares an excerpt today from Wild, Book 5 of the “Montana Men” series. Enjoy!


WildIt took a half hour before he hit the clearing that led to the old wagon trail. Once there, it didn’t take long to spot the car, or the fact that the lone-standing pine tree had tried to catch fire.

“Huh. Well, girl, looks like all that smoke’s a false alarm, no downed plane, just wet timber making a lot of fuss. Whoa, girl.” He pulled back on the reins, halting the mare a few feet away.

He wasn’t about to ride up on a stranger. If someone was in this neck of the woods in this kind of weather, then he either had something to hide, something he was running from, or desperately desired his own company. Wild understood wanting one’s own company, but until he knew which one it was, he wasn’t going any closer. But the man was trespassing on private property. The land was posted.

Wild stared at the mangled car in disbelief. It resembled a crunched aluminum can jammed against the sturdy pine.

“Who the hell would be idiot enough to drive a sporty car like that back here in these mountains, especially on this half-assed road, in this kind of weather?”

The mare snorted and pawed the ground.

“Yep, that’s what I think, too. Dumb as dirt. A real greenhorn.”


Wild blinked, then scrubbed a hand down his face. Shit. A woman. He should have known.“Son…of…a…bitch.” He drew out the words. “There goes the neighborhood, Rosie.”

“Help! Can anyone hear me? I need help!”

He patted the mare’s neck. “Whaddaya think, girl? All this land and timber and she pointed her fancy rig at the only big tree standing off by itself. Couldn’t hardly miss it, now could she? Might make a man start to wonder if the little woman’s just plum loco or think maybe he’s being hunted.”

The last thing he wanted was some dang reporter sniffing around the place and making a nuisance of herself. Hell, he outta just ride away, pretend he never saw the car. Sure as shootin’ this meant trouble for him. “Nah…can’t do it, Rosie. We can’t leave her to freeze.”

Gingerly he nudged the mare forward. No matter how he felt, decency dictated he couldn’t leave a man here alone, let alone a woman. Not only might she be seriously injured, although he doubted it with all that caterwauling going on, but she’d either die from exposure or wolves would get her. Sliding off the horse, he approached from the driver’s side.

“Hey, in there, you okay, lady?” he shouted. “Are ya hurt?”


“Stop right there!”

The boom of the gun sounded like thunder across the valley.

Wild’s hat sailed through the air landing a few feet away. Rosie reared and whinnied, frightened by the unexpected noise. The reins slid from Wild’s gloved hands and the mare bolted like she’d been stung by a bee. He dropped to the ground, belly-crawling until he reached cover behind a large boulder. “Sonofabitch, if she didn’t want help, why’d she yell for it?”

And why was he talking to a rock?

Twisting about, he leaned back, his shoulders pressed against the boulder, and looked around to make sure the mare hadn’t fled the country in terror. Nope. The mare stood a few feet away. The horse was well trained, better than the loco female with the loaded gun poked out the driver’s side window taking a potshot at him.

Wild peeped around the corner of the granite wall providing him cover. Hell, he’d had reporters charge at him like a herd of stampeding cattle, but he’d never had one try to gun him down before. “Damn, fool woman!” What was a man supposed to do? Damnation.

She waved the pistol above the top of the driver’s door like it was a victory flag. “Don’t come any closer,” she yelled. “I’ve got a gun!”

“No shit.” Wild ducked back down. Crazy woman was liable to blow off his head. Cursing, he snatched his Stetson off the ground—his favorite, the cream-colored straw one with the black and white beaded band and bits of ostrich feathers on the back. He eyed it with disgust. The lunatic woman had put a bullet hole through the crown.

What a pissy-ass day this had turned out to be.

He jammed the hat back in place, his jaw tightening with anger. He might want to kill himself, but be damned if someone else was doing the job for him. He decided when. He decided where. “Are you crazy, lady?” he shouted. “Don’t shoot! I came here to help you.”

“Wild? Is that you?”

Wild side-stepped, edging around so he approached the car from the rear and stayed out of her range at the same time, or at least made it difficult for her to line him up in her sights. He moved closer, not too close. He preferred not to get blasted with a bullet, but near enough to read the plates. “U.S. Government. D.C.” Nope, his eyes must be playing tricks on him. He hadn’t done anything lately to warrant the U.S. government to come gunning for him.


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  1. Great excerpt!

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