Let Them Eat Cake!

From Christina: Yes, those words — “Let them eat cake”  were supposedly uttered by Marie Antoinette, although I highly doubt it, and no, Mia’s book has nothing to do with French history…but everything to do with cakes. Specifically, wedding cakes!  Enjoy.

It’s All About the Cake

by Mia Epsilon

Planning a wedding is hard work. Whether the ceremony will be small or large, simple or grand, there are many decisions and choices to make. It can be argued the gown is the biggest decision of all, or the flowers, or the invitations, or the venue.

To me, the CAKE is one of the biggest decisions of all. Everyone loves cake and seems to recall that one feature of the wedding weeks or even years after the event took place. A beautiful cake can be a focal point, even if there are no other decorations on the table with it or very minimal decorations in the reception venue. The cake should taste as good as it looks because, after all, guests want to enjoy the entire experience, not remark how awful the cake tasted.

For bride Anna in Wedding Belle Blues, many of the wedding decisions have to be, hmm, shall we say negotiated, with her very vocal future mother-in-law. Louise is a traditionalist and wants everything ‘picture perfect’ and ‘high standard’. Nothing Anna wants is ‘good enough’ and the battle lines are soon drawn in an all out war of the wedding plans. Good thing Anna has Robin as her General.

Here are some examples of wedding cakes several characters in Wedding Belle Blues suggested for the Big Day. As you can see, there is a vast difference in most of them.




Anna 2



Future Mother in Law Louise insists on something more like this:


ROBIN suggested this one: (with the Daleks screaming: CONSUMMATE!)


Mom CHRISTINE suggested this one, as a compromise:


Brother ADAM thought this was perfect:


And since Kassie agreed to make the cake, she suggested this:



Which is your favorite? Are you the traditional type or the modern type? Do you like themes? Or flowers? Should there be one towering giant cake or several smaller ones? Or should there be no cake at all? Not to mention the flavors: all vanilla? All chocolate? A mix? And what about icing? White or colored? Whipped or buttercream? Decisions, decisions, decisions. let’s all grab a cup of coffee or a cuppa and have some cake!


Mia returns tomorrow to share excerpts from “Wedding Belle Blues”.

Until then, here’s another little snippiet to whet your appetite.

“What, you’re going to try to sabotage my wedding?”




  1. These are so cool! Please excuse me for a minute while I wipe away my drool… 😉
    I would have loved a nice, many-tiered wedding cake for my wedding, preferably with colour combinations like white and purple or cream and blue. Alas, the budget made it a normal flower-shaped icing cake of modest size…

  2. When my youngest daughter married in 2001, we went to a local small bakery and she told them what she wanted for her wedding cake, she wanted it to have pink roses and white daisies. It was a small informal wedding and the cake was 3 tiered and just beautiful. Well, I made a heart shaped, 2 layered red velvet cake. No one wanted the wedding cake that I had paid $150 for, everyone wanted MY red velvet cake!

  3. Any of these cakes is better than what I had at my wedding. We do nothing traditional, starting with our wedding. Our cake was made by one of my husband’s co-workers…it was a stack of Twinkies layered together and glued with cool whip. On the top there were two stick figures drawn with green food coloring gel and a phrase…”It’s the love, man.” I’ve never felt so redneck, bohemian in my life…ah the memories. Thanks for sharing the peek into your character’s cake choices. 😉 Loved it. By the way, I like Robin’s choice best. *wink* The man has good taste.

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