Aundy by Shanna Hatfield

We have another chocolate lover this week! Please welcome Shanna Hatfield!


by Shanna HatfieldAundy





Shanna says,

I love to read and some of the most memorable characters in my favorite books were women of strength and courage. When I started developing the idea for a series set in the western town of Pendleton right around the turn of the 20th century, I knew the women had to be strong, brave, and loveable. Aundy desperately wants a better life for herself and her younger sister and decides to make it happen. I never gave much thought to how courageous women had to be to become someone’s mail order bride until I started writing Aundy’s story. I can’t imagine getting on a train and traveling across the country to marry a man I’d never met, yet hundreds of women did that very thing. As I wrote Aundy’s story, I felt so attached to her emotionally, sharing her struggles, triumphs, laughter and tears.

* * * *

Tomorrow Shanna will be back to tell us more about Aundy.

Be watching for her feature post on Friday!

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“Apparently, working for a woman is

something akin to selling your soul to Beelzebub.”




  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share a little about Aundy with your readers! 🙂

  2. Kathy Heare Watts

    I have all 4 of Shanna’s Pendleton Petticoat books on my Kindle.

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