A Bold Move

From Christina: Today, Lindsay shares the story of Death Queen. Enjoy!

Death QueenThe day before her wedding, Jessica Sales is gunned down by an unknown assailant.  With a miracle and the love of her fiancé Ronny, Jessica manages to survive the attack. Staying alive, however, is another matter entirely.

While she recovers, Jessica takes her team to her yacht, where she hopes to remain safe while friends hunt down whoever was involved in the blatant attempt on her life. To aid in the search, Jessica makes a bold move and comes out into the open, trying to make her enemy show his hand or make a mistake.

Will Jessica’s team find the person who wants her out of the way? Will she and Ronny finally have their happily ever after? And what other secret does Jessica have for Ronny?


Check out Lindsay’s  feature post tomorrow about writing the character of Jessica Sales.

Now, for another little snippet!


“… everyone’s getting bitchy so she’s

sending them away for a few days to cool off…”


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