The Characters of Death Queen by Lindsay Downs

The Characters of Death Queen

by Lindsay Downs



When I started writing this series I had a fairly clear cut idea what each of the stories would be about. As I progressed through them we read where Jessica might risk her life to stop someone. Even in the backstory you learn her time in the military and after, until being hired by The Consortium, was hard and dangerous.

My goal was to make her seem, at times, superhuman-nothing could stop her. I feel I achieved that I set out to do until this book. Here I wanted to show you, my readers, not only was she human but fragile as well. To do this I had to decide the how, why and who put her in this particular situation. To do this I needed to bring back, for maybe the last time, a character from one of the earlier books.

As the story progressed I had a very unique idea and contacted a fellow author friend and asked if I might be able to use two of her characters from one of her series. Fortunately, she agreed which was a relief and a brief but highly interesting and important twist was added to the story.

All I can say is you will see a new different side of my heroine which you won’t see coming until the very end of the book.


 Lindsay will return tomorrow to share excerpts from “Death Queen”.

Until then, here’s another little snippiet to whet your appetite.


“I think I know exactly what she needs. “


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