Lily’s Leap by Tea Cooper

Did you guess correctly?  Our guest author this week is “down under” author, Tea Cooper!

Lily’s Leap

by Tea Cooper



Tea says,

Lily’s Leap is a work of fiction. The characters and events live only in my mind but Wollombi really does exist. It is a small village in the Lower Hunter district of New South Wales and it is my home. When you have read Lily and Tom’s story, take a look at a map — the Coolawine Trail exists as does Narone Creek and the convict road. You can still drive along The Great North Road built by convict gangs between 1826 and 1836. If you take a turn to your right and follow the road to St Albans you’ll travel over the Common and you can still stop and take refreshments at The Settlers’ Arms. The road leads you to Wiseman’s Ferry where you can cross the mighty Hawkesbury River and follow the road to Windsor and thence to Sydney. All that’s missing are the characters, but if you are lucky enough to catch the sunset over Mount Yengo, you’ll understand that nothing much has changed in this part of the world in a long, long time.

* * * *

Mount Yengo

Mount Yengo

Tomorrow Tea will be back to tell us more about Lily’s Leap.

Be watching for her feature post on Friday about the art of blending fact and faction.

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“God’s truth, a woman.”



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  1. Thanks for the invitation Christina!

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