Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando

Did you guess correctly?  Our guest author this week is Sri Lankan author, Devika Fernando!

Playing with Fire

by Devika Fernando

Playing with Fire New


Devika says,

I love checking out for spectacular photos and stunning art. As I usually react powerfully to visual writing prompts, I knew that sooner or later one picture would spark a story. That is exactly what happened with “Playing with Fire”. I saw some wonderful digital art / Photoshop manipulation, and fell in love with its possibilities. From then on, the story wrote itself inside my head, driven by Felicia with her fire magic and Joshua with his ice magic. With fire playing the central role, I decided to embark on a whole series, so this is Book 1 of “4 Elements of Love”. As my first foray into writing paranormal romance, this novel is very close to my heart. It was a lot of fun but also a challenge to write – and now I have the heroine insisting that she wants a sequel one day because her story isn’t finished despite the happy end…

* * * *

Tomorrow Devika will be back to tell us more about Playing with Fire.

Be watching for her feature post on Friday about people with the “fire element”.

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“What if I enjoy playing with fire?”



  1. Wow! Story behind the story. I like this one Devika Fernando. Hoping to read more tomorrow 🙂

  2. I did not guess correctly. Great background info, Devika! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Flossie Benton Rogers

    Fire magic and ice magic together is a wonderful complement. Isn’t inspiration a marvelous thing? It can come from art or lima beans. Good job!

    • Thanks! I agree, the strangest things can spark a story. 🙂

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