People with the Element FIRE by Devika Fernando

People with the Element FIRE

by Devika Fernando

flames background


I find it fascinating how people with a certain zodiac sign or lifestyle are associated with an element. If you take a look at Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius who are associated with water, do they really show “water” characteristics and similarities to their assigned element? Research shows striking results, if you’re willing to believe them. As “Playing with Fire” is Book 1 of the “4 Elements of Love” series, I decided to model the four protagonists in a way that would reflect fire, water, earth and air. Felicia is Fire – and here’s how that shows (apart from her conjuring flames and hosting a dragon inside her).

People with the predominant element fire are described as temperamental, quick to be angry and equally quick to enjoy. They are supposed to be passionate and enthusiastic, possess a hunger for power, and prefer to live alone, although they enjoy physical relationships. Between the sheets, they’re as scorching hot as their element. Fire people are fiercely loyal, love to eat spicy food, and feel happy when listening to loud music or when dancing. They are born leaders, abhor normalcy and confinement, are prone to break rules, like to be admired and be superior to others, and are more spontaneous than methodical. Consistency is viewed as boredom and stagnation. Everything should happen fast, and life should have action as well as love in it to satisfy a person with the dominant element fire. Such a man or woman never shies away from confrontation, cherishes challenges, and excels at sports.

A fascinating website called Alchemy Works was recommended to me by my dear friend Christina Cole, the host of this blog. Not only does it characterize people according to their elements and planets, but it also offers a wealth of additional information and advice on what to use to boost yourself. When I clicked on the element fire, a comprehensive table listed fire stones, fire plants, fire animals, as well as places, scents, colours, body parts and deities / beings associated with fire. Some of the information found its way into the story because Felicia is trying to come to terms with who she is. I made her study the table and be inspired to change things about her life to feel more comfortable in her skin. Many of the traits, habits, likes and dislikes I have mentioned above are part and parcel of her character.

Here’s a short excerpt of what Felicia ends up with:

If she wanted to make her life more livable or emphasize her fiery qualities, she could decorate her home with fire plants like Dragon’s blood, Witch Hazel, Cacti and Betony, or she could continue to rely on the spices she liked so much, from chili over cinnamon and pepper to ginger and garlic. And what about buying and wearing jewelry with precious stones like Ruby, Bloodstone, Fire Opal or Beryl? Just the names stirred her, and made her itch to research them online and at least feast her eyes on what she automatically considered ‘hers’.

Devika will return tomorrow to share excerpts from “Playing with Fire”.

Until then, here’s another little snippiet to whet your appetite.


“I could have been a picture-perfect villain.”


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