The Secret Life of Richard McCoy by Karen Kennedy Samoranos

Did you guess correctly?  Our guest author this week is Karen Kennedy Samaranos.

She’s here to share her new release:

The Secret Life of Richard McCoy

by Karen Kennedy Samoranos



Karen says:

The original intention of writing The Secret Life of Richard McCoy was to showcase the resiliency of the human spirit. The female main character, Sally, overcomes many abrupt changes in her life over thirty years—building a career in a male-dominated sport (Grand Prix racing), only to experience the enormous life-changing event when she nearly dies in a track accident. Fear of living becomes her greatest challenge, so when Sally is suddenly faced with the prospect of handling her late husband’s financial and extra-marital issues that had been carefully hidden away, her own inner strength is tested. She artfully rises to the challenge with grace but without apology. As I wrote this novel, I realized I was prefacing more than Sally’s personal journey, I was also demonstrating that having a hot sex life after the age of fifty doesn’t have to rely on interventions like Viagra. Living healthy, being in tune with one’s body and spirit, and finding your soul mate serve as the essence of great lovemaking.



* * * *

Tomorrow Karen will be back to tell us more about The Secret Life of Richard McCoy.

Be watching for her feature post on Friday .

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s another little snippet!

“Yes, Richard was cremated, you know, burned down to ashes, a pile small enough to fit into an urn you could carry beneath one arm.”


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