If the Shoe Fits…

If the Shoe Fits…

by Violet Ingram


High heelsI am supposed to write a post about a topic that relates to my book, Death by High Heels. That could be a bit tricky as up to now I’ve never killed anyone with a high heeled shoe, unless you count the numerous spiders I’ve murdered over the years. I have however owned some killer high heels.

I used to be a shoe person but over the past fifteen years or so my love for shoes has slowly morphed into an addiction to purses. I’ve explained to my oldest daughter the difference between want and need when it applies to ladies accessories. I’ve also tried explaining this to my husband and sons but they just don’t get it. Now, if it was some kind of electronics or video game then they would understand.


Violet will return tomorrow to share excerpts from “Death by High Heels”.

Until then, here’s another little snippet that seems especially appropriate today.


Hello. They’re Via Spiga.”


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