Fortune for Fools by Cindy Christiansen

Did you guess correctly?  Our guest author this week is Cindy Christiansen.

She’s here to share her new release

German shorthaired pointer posing in the field

Fortune for Fools

by Cindy Christiansen





Cindy says:

This book is a contemporary sweet romance, however there is a back story about a pioneer couple who came from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1849. In writing the book, I got a feel for what historical authors go through in researching. It’s amazing! The fun part of writing the book was including a scene with an author who has written a book about relationships. Don’t ask me why, but I loved giving this author a hard time.

* * * *

Tomorrow Cindy will be back to tell us more about Fortune for Fools.

Be watching for her feature post on Friday .

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s a fun little snippet!

“Want to stab me in the other eye?”


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