Tuesday Nights by Linda Rae Sande

Did you guess correctly?  Our guest author this week is Linda Rae Sande.

She’s here to share one of her Regencies:

Tuesday Nights


Linda Rae Sande

tuesday nights book cover.indd


Linda says:

The first book in “The Sons of the Aristocracy”, TUESDAY NIGHTS is a sensual tale of birthdays, destiny and the love found in daydeams.

Although most of the story is set in London and in the Horsham District of West Sussex in 1814, it begins several years before, when Michael first meets the woman he will eventually marry. Each chapter features a day of the week, with the first half of the book covering the years leading up to the fateful day when Michael must “ruin” Olivia in order to marry her. The last half is told on a day-to-day basis as the two deal with their sudden marriage. Michael figures he must court his bride, not realizing she has had feelings for him since the fateful day they met. Can Olivia overlook the character flaws that led to a marriage to meet an almost-forgotten deadline? A marriage that seems more a marriage of convenience than a love match? Or will their true feelings for one another prevail?

As with all of my romances, there is a second couple featured in TUESDAY NIGHTS. Michael’s best friend, Edward, the second son of an earl, has always loved Anna, a woman of low birth. He’ll either risk being cut off by his father should be marry Anna, or he’ll have to be very patient waiting for the day when his older brother will marry and produce an heir. Like Olivia, Anna will be the one who determines her lover’s fate.

* * * *

Tomorrow Linda will be back to tell us more about Tuesday Nights. 

* * * *

Until tomorrow, here’s a fun little snippet!

” I so love it when you’re naughty.”


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